Summer is here and it's the perfect time to get your hands dirty and grow something! If you're ready to enter plant parenthood, we're here to guide you. You don't need a naturally green thumb to succeed -- with good advice, anyone can be a successful plant parent. Here are our best plant parent tips for newbies! 

Let the light in

One of the things that tends to lead to plant death, especially in an apartment, is inadequate light. If the plant you want to grow needs a lot of light, it probably won't survive without it. When you purchase a plant or seed packet, it usually details the plant's lighting requirements. If you discarded this info after purchase, you can just Google it if you know the plant's name. Failing that, ask the person who sold it to you. It's wise to look for plants that will thrive in your particular environment/space. If you can, discuss your unique situation with the plant vendor to get their take on which plants will survive best in your lighting scenario. If you have plants that need lots of light, keep your curtains open whenever you can and place them by your windows if you're growing them indoors.

Watch that water

Just like light, plants need water. Before you soak them daily, every plant has its own unique watering requirements. Some need to dry out between waterings, some need to stay moist around the clock. The details on your plant or seed package usually outline the plant's particular watering needs. If you threw it away, Google it. You can easily kill a plant with too much or too little water, so this info is vital. If you haven't purchased a plant yet, try to look for varieties that have a watering schedule that's complementary to your schedule. You don't want to buy a finicky plant if you're away often or spend most of your time out and about. 

Choose your vessel wisely

Many people buy a plant and never transfer it from the plastic pot it came into a new pot. This is a mistake. Most of the time, your plant will need to be relocated to a larger pot that has good drainage. It's important to research your plant's potting needs. Not all plants thrive in pots, for starters. Every plant has its own soil and potting requirements so be sure you find the right vessel for it to ensure it thrives in its new home.

To move or not to move? It depends

Some plants, like some people, are sensitive. They don't all do well if they move around too much. Some plants hate to be moved at all, while others don't mind if you relocate them for more sunlight. Do your research about your particular plant before you make any moves.

We hope these plant parent tips help you grow like a pro this year!

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