Spring looks so innocent to the untrained eye. It appears to be safe and inviting as it's bursting with colourful flowers and patches of fresh green grass -- seemingly perfect for your pet to explore. But spring can be a surprisingly dangerous time of year for your pets -- especially dogs. Here are our best spring pet safety tips.

Watch out for pesticides

Do you ever notice little signs on pristine lawns in spring? They're often there as a warning because a harmful pesticide was sprayed on the grass. If you notice them, steer clear if you're with your dog. Sniffing and eating the treated grass can be poisonous for your dog.

Avoid unknown plants

Your dog is likely easily distracted by all the delightful greenery that comes with spring. If he or she has a penchant to munch on plants on walks, be sure to keep him or her away. Some plants can be quite harmful for your dog, causing vomiting, diarrhea or even death.

Avoid tall grasses

Ticks love to burrow in your dog's fur, so try to keep your dog out of tall grasses where they tend to reside. 

Hide the Easter chocolates

Your dog loves chocolate as much as you do, but shouldn't eat it under any circumstance. Chocolate can be lethal for dogs so be sure to stash Easter chocolate out of sight and reach for your pet.

Avoid sticks

Your dog might love to chew on sticks but this is actually incredibly dangerous and can cause choking. Bring a tossable toy on walks to keep your dog distracted from nature's toys.

Get a microchip

Your pet will naturally explore the great outdoors more frequently in spring. An abundance of new smells and encounters with other animals can provoke your pet to separate from you and wander far from home. To avoid losing your pet, ensure you microchip them so if separation does occur you can track them quickly. 

We hope you'll take our advice and put these spring pet safety tips into practice. You can never be too careful when it comes to your furry friends after all!

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